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Exploring the Benefits of Aluminum Fence Panels Canada

What Are Aluminum Fence Panels?

Due to its many benefits, aluminum fence panels Canada has become a popular all-around solution for commercial, residential, and agricultural properties. As the name suggests, such fence panels are primarily constructed out of aluminum. It is known for its durability and resistance against harsh weather. As a lightweight and malleable metal, aluminum entails numerous use cases. The manufacturing industry relies on aluminum for utensils, car & airplane parts, and of course, fencing. 

As part of this article, we will explore the main advantages associated with aluminum fence panels. Why is Aluminum the better choice over some of the other popular materials?

The Benefits of Aluminum Fence Panels Canada

First and foremost, aluminum fencing is quite cheap when compared to hardwood or iron alternatives. Customers can normally expect at least a 20% price reduction to other metals like wrought iron or stainless steel. Best part is there are no compromises on the overall quality of the build!

Speaking of its quality, aluminum fencing is known for its anti-oxidation properties. Due to the chemical compounds making up the metal, aluminum fences will not rust regardless of how humid the weather conditions are. In fact, studies have shown that aluminum takes an excess of 10 millenia before disintegration sets in. In other words, aluminum fence panels are built to last for generations.

While durability to harsh weather conditions is definitely an advantage, we also ought to mention that aluminum is non-corrosive. And, it’s also very suitable for busy folks, since little to no maintenance is needed. High quality aluminum fence panels do not need to be painted yearly, as the manufacturing plant uses several coats of paint to ensure optimal colour durability. 

Those who are keen on creating maintenance-free perimeter-wide security on their properties might want to consider aluminum’s value proposition. Aluminum is incredibly durable, and it cannot be cut with non-powered machinery. Aluminum fence panels are also difficult to climb over, moreso if sufficient in height. Aluminum fence panels Canada also assures optimal privacy if desired, through the means of darkened panels and thicker bars. 

Aluminum can easily blend in if coloured accordingly, thus granting it an aesthetic look. Most aluminum fences are sleek, so they can easily adjust to land shapes and sizes. Since its highly-malleable, aluminum can be shaped as desired, thereby creating lots of design possibilities for fences. From a visual standpoint, aluminum fencing is suitable for most properties in Canada and beyond. 

The Average Cost of Aluminum Fence Panels

We’ve already made it clear that aluminum fencing is cheaper when compared to most other materials. But how cost-effective is it? 

At Aluminum Fence Canada, the prices vary depending on what you’re looking for. In the case of aluminum picket fences, the price varies from $359 and up to $449 per panel.  Palisade aluminum fence panels cost $594, whereas aluminum privacy fence panels can be purchased for $639. Privacy gates are slightly more expensive, with a going price of approximately $699.